Let's humanize digital communication.


Imagine trying to capture this feeling with an emoji. 

You can't do it.

And you shouldn't have to.

Introducing Morphii


Morphii isn't just some static emoji on a keyboard. These six science-based facial expressions represent real, human emotion. And our technology allows you to scale these emotional emblems based on how you're feeling in the moment.

Because that's how real emotions work.

By allowing better communication options, we put more power in the users' hands. And businesses can leverage the data they create, which is more reflective of their real thoughts and reactions.

Still not convinced?

Imagine being able to tell the difference in a customer's disappointment or disgust without having to read every word of your reviews (or paying for expensive software to do it). Making that one discernment could allow you to create actionable insights from your clients' emotions and turn them into better (& more) business.

Try it for yourself: